Monday, 26 September 2011

Marketing Tools

If you are doing any type of marketing using
Social Networks like Facebook and Twitter than
You need to see this!

I just came across a terrific software tool
that will literally save you HOURS of work.

It’s called: Instant Social Anarchy and it
has been called the “Easy” Button for
marketing with Social Networks.

This software is SUPER easy to use,
and they have a ton of support so you
can Maximize its use.

I am not sure if they are limiting how many
licenses they are selling, so if you are interested
I would check it out now.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

How You Can Instantly Search For People Background

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Sunday, 18 September 2011

How To Save Fortune On All Your Flights

How To Save A Fortune On All Your Flights By Beating The Airlines At Their Own Game."

After you grab my guide full of insider travel secrets you will be shocked to see how easy it is to get the airfare you need for dirt cheap. The airlines are desperate to keep their confidential information out of your hands...

It doesn't matter if you call on the phone, go to a discount travel site or even a local travel agent, the whole airline reservation system is designed to squeeze the most money out of you as possible.

The airlines work tirelessly to come up with new ways to rip you off. The scemes they use to shake people down would fit right in with organized crime.

With so many new fees, horrible customer service and no extras you are now paying way more for way less. Now they even want you to pay for your freaking bags to come with you!

I am ashamed to say that I know all this because I was once a part of this crooked system...By Henry Rustkirk

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Saturday, 2 July 2011

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Thursday, 5 May 2011

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Thursday, 10 February 2011

Are Supplements "Natural" Better

Following is an extract from Men's Health Magazine - November 1997 page 58

Is "natural" better?

Nah. In most cases your body cannot tell the difference between a vitamin or mineral from food and one from a test tube. "Essentially you get the same chemical structure," says Dr Leon Ellenbogen, who works in nutritional sciences at Whitehall-Robins.

There is a common misconception that "natural" vitamins and minerals that are extracted from plants in their pure form  are superior to "synthetic" is a misleading distinction. FIRST, it is not possible to extract pure vitamins from plants without considerable chemical processing. SECOND, some vitamin and antioxidant compounds can be efficiently synthesized in factories to produce that are identical in chemical to those found in nature that are pure and fully safe.

What's more, supplements labelled "natural" are not necessarily safer, according to Hendrich. "Some of those "natural' sources have higher levels of contaminants, such as lead, compared to the more carefully refined ingredients used in the manufacturing process", she says.

Sure it is important to avoid hazardous chemicals or controversial formulation techniques. Sure it is best to use all the natural ingredients. However, no one can really claim to market all natural products when they have to process them into tablets or liquids in  mass production. Even the "all natural" products are encapsulated, pressed, freeze-dried, or processed in some other high tech manner.