Monday, 10 January 2011

Get Paid For Your PC While You are Sleeping!

Did you know you can now get paid for your PC processing Time?

Yes, you can!

Before I can explain, Lately there another named as cashgopher which supposedly pays for your PC idle time.
After trying it, I found this is not the case!

You get paid for receiving popup windows which all ads are search engines

Most earnings are for the following countries:
US/UK and Australia

Minimum payout is $10

Pretty disappointed, I'll say!

The program that I am promoting is far more better than cashdropher due to following reasons

- All counties which has paypal are invited
- Minimum payout is $5
- There no fee associate while receiving payout including program's or paypal's fee!

As of matter of fact since I joined since Sep 2010, I earned over $14 *

* This based on a single windows system where program is installed and running
You can even double or triple your earnings by installing and running program on multiple computer systems (windows) that you may have

There three very easy and important steps, I recommend printing this to make it easier:

1) When you sign up, ensure your contact email address is the same one as paypal
Confirm your account your account of course!

2) Download and install program which no spywares or adwares attached to it

3) Running program for first time, be sure to follow the remaining steps regardless how many windows systems you may have:
- User Name: 'enter user name created during signup'
- Machine name: 'leave it blank'
- Performance Manager: 'Select Min for dialup or select Max for broadband connection'

That is about it, again the software is run completely hand free!
When running program, activation may be instant or may take few days

Run this program and watch your earnings grow!