Monday, 18 August 2008

Degenerative Diseases -

The world's most destructive diseases today
are not those caused by viruses and germs.

They are degenerative diseases -such as
cancer, heart diseases, diabetes and other
chronic conditions.

Being "old" does not meant to be "sick"

Degenerative diseases can be prevented.
With balanced nutrition, physical activity
and healthy lifestyle will give us an excellent
chance to reduce the risk factors of
degenerative diseases.

Let's provide our body high potency nutritional

As we age, our body go through many changes
and at various stages in our life whether we
want to maintain our good health or if we have
acquired illness, supplementation play an
important part.Let us take steps to manage the
imbalances in our life, now is the time!

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

How USANA Ranks with the Rest of Nutritional Supplements ID 2607731

Today if my daughter read my blog and found that my
statement I made was false, she will be the first one to
call my attention.

Each of us for sure are taking supplement for whatever
reason it is.

If you believe that it is the best in the market, think about it again.

If you believe it protects you from being attack from these degenetrative
diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, control ageing etc,
It's your choice.

If you believe it can feed the trillion of cells from your body, It's
you choice.

If you believe that we need it because our food is not as nutritious
50 to 60 years ago, and you need supplement, Good on You.

If you do not believe you do not need supplement because our
food is enough to feed our cells and just relay on prescription drug
and live in hospital when disease strike you, it' s your choice. But
what quality of life will you have.

If you believe that it makes you feel better, go for it.

I made due diligent and research, been to the headquarters in Salt
Lake City Utah, where the products are produce.The premises was
so clean that you can even eat at the floor.

USANA Health Sciences is a health supplement I can trust my
health. With the 1500 nutritional supplement tested USANA
rank NO.1, as per "Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements"
produced by an independent organization.

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It is an invisible miracle our health were rejuvenated having
this for more than 3 years and until the present time.

Monday, 11 August 2008

My health experiences

How do you value your health. Do you take health supplement
to maintain your health and protect you from diseases.
If your answer is yes, and you are happy with it, go for it.
I am not here to convince you or change you. It is
your choice.

But allow me to tell you how my health deteriorated after
menopause. My doctor gave me HRT (Hormone Replacement
Therapy) for 15 years taking it , a news came out that it causes

I look for other alternative, and this is where I found this
health supplement that resolved my health problems, my family
and friends.

I have a bad arthritis, depression, itching rashes and other
discomfort, going to the loo is a struggle for me, psoriasis,back pain,
chronic fatigue, etc.

Even my husband cannot even control his fingers due to arthritis,
he has high blood pressure. He has given 3 different types of
tablets to control his blood pressure. It is now only 1 tablet for his
maintenance. Some days he cannot walk due to painful gout in his

My friends bowel cancer was control and so with my sister's
close friend from prostate cancer.

Diabetes was also one of the things that happen to my sister's
friend that had been control.

Since that time 3 years ago, we never go to the doctor, only
for general check up. And never look back.

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So What Do We Want for Our self

We have been raised to believe that if we get a good
education and a job in a big company, we would be
secure and live comfortably. We know this isn't true.
The social system locked us into a continual cycle of
debt from the time you have your job till the time
you retire.

Everyone wants to retire earlier from full-time
employment, be healthy, and prosperous but we
have not think of putting aside enough money for
a comfortable retirement.

If we want to enjoy life and comfortable retirement
strive to become among the 5% income earner who
are enteprenuer, investor and business builder.

Look for a booming industry that is taking over and
that is in the field of health and wellness. Which
is predicted to overtake by the year 2010.

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